About Chanell Solace

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Business Coach, Mom & Motivational Speaker

Chanell Solace has always been an adventurer, with tons of experiences to show for it. The summary of it all is how she was able to go from being homeless to becoming a successful business owner. However, this exciting story starts at 16 when she ran away from an abusive home and found herself working at a ski resort soon after so that she could ski for free.

Protecting Mother Nature as a Homeless Activist

Chanell discovered her passion for protecting mother nature quite early, which spurred her to move to Yellowstone, where she spent most of her time cleaning cabins and admiring nature. But she didn’t just stop there. Eventually, Chanell moved from city to city, practically living in a car and becoming a homeless activist. Traveled from Wyoming to California, to Chicago, to Portland, back to Colorado, to Georgia, to North Carolina and back to Portland.

Living Off the Land in Hawaii

Moved to Hawaii and lived in a tent on the ocean. She lived off the land and did a lot of library research on plants, trees and food.

Serial Entrepreneurship in Florida

Soon after, Chanell discovered one more passion: entrepreneurship. Thus began her journey as a serial entrepreneur with an investment in her husband’s tech business in charge of tech support, human resources, and accounts. For Chanell, this wasn’t enough. Therefore, she launched the first of five of her companies, an organic soap company known as CoSheaO. Then, she invested in a tech company, Scan it Forward, whose focus is on helping people go paperless. Still, she wasn’t done just yet.

Chanell also launched Nerds Need Love 2, which creates promotional items for nerdy kids, Smith Kids, which is a YouTube site for her son, and a real estate company known as Smith & Solace Real Estate.

Future Plans

Despite being the president of five thriving companies, Chanell has several other goals and aspirations that she’s actively working towards achieving. Some of them include having a bee farm, living each day to the fullest, and creating as much awareness as possible for young adults on the spectrum. Helping young adults with autism is a major interest, and she continues to do this as much as she can. As a travel enthusiast, Chanell envisions herself traveling to Japan and Switzerland with her husband.

When she’s not speaking in public or coming up with new ideas to make her environment a safer place, you’ll most likely find Chanell rediscovering her love for snowboarding.