As a business owner you must give the people element of your business the same attention as you give to your services or products. Start by setting the scene for your employees. Let them know what they’re aiming for and help them to understand the goals of your company. Figuring out how the team will work together is equally important.

Tips On Building A Great Small Business Team

  • It’s important to recognize the strengths of each individual because having a deep understanding of people is worth its weight in gold.
  • Let your team know what they’re aiming for and help them to understand the goals of your company.
  • Give your team tasks right away: On the first day, your new employees should already be doing useful work. Get them engaged right from the start!
  • Be sure to update roles and task lists frequently so your team will know what they’re supposed to be doing.
  • Accept that people are different than you – maybe even very different. Ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and personality differences are irrelevant. What really matters is how good people are at their jobs.
  • Extend your team, ask guest speakers to meet with your team and share development ideas with customers and key business partners. You may also want to invite customers and key partners to staff meetings for feedback and have a team coach.

You may need training to help you become a better manager and there’s no shame in that. Running a business is a learning process – and just like your employees, you can learn and improve. After all, the better you are at managing people, the better your team will perform and the faster your business will grow.

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